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【research paper】

Michiyo KAMEI, Draw an anatomical art as a <morph>:With Shigeo MIKI's Natural History of Biological Morph, Bulletin of Cultural Study on KATACHI 16, 2022,13-22. 

This article focuses on the anatomical illustration by biologist and anatomist Shigeo MIKI (1925-1987), who conducted research in both the medical and artistic fields. Since ancient Greece, medicine has continually evolved with drawings. This means that illustrations reflect the thought of the times. Therefore, here we will examine Miki's thought from the perspective of anatomical illustrations and explore the possibilities of anatomical art by introducing my works as production examples. Michiyo Kamei

Keywords: Anatomical art, Zodiac Man, Ontogenesis, bodyscape, Shunga, Goethe's morphology, Shigeo Miki

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"Virgo" 45.5×33.3cm.

Sumi (Japanese-ink), cochineal and glue on washi (Japanese paper). 2017 Michiyo Kamei.

@Y art gallery / ワイアートギャラリー


Exposition Michiyo Kamei 20/5 - 4/6 2022.
7 rue François-de-Neufchâteau 75011 Paris
Tel 01 43 79 80 20

  I like drawing "Body landscapes" which combine anatomical charts with "Shunga" wood block prints. 

  We have a body which is full of the mystery of life. The question, "Who are we?" caused me to study anatomy and dissection. Anatomy still influences my work as does Shunga' s erotica, energy, life and sex an iconography of life. Having seen so many dissected bodies in university. I began to create an art form which embodies life and death.


  My work is done with natural pigments and glue, called "Nihonga" and ink on Japanese paper. The fluidity of ink and natural pigments allow me to spatialize different morphological elements. When I use ink (Sumi) I also paint myself and use my body to create works on "Washi". The combination of life, sex & death becomes like a mandala symbolizing  the  eternity of life rather than its ephemeral nature.

Michiyo Kamei

飛翔憧 F130.jpg

<Longing for soaring >1620×1940mm
Painted with sumi(Japanese ink)on washi(Japanese paper).2019 Michiyo Kamei.


"Dress series" Sumi and my body on Japanese paper ,
1360 x 690 mm x 14 sheets. 2020 Michiyo Kamei 

"totem" Sumi and my body on Japanese paper ,
5000 x 1100 mm , 2022 Michiyo Kamei 


Michiyo Kamei soloexhibition
statement  prpfile on ART SCENES 2020

Galerie Andre & Léon (France )


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